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Good ideas on solid code...

We make meetings more productive!

As Internet professionals we work with and for clients for more than 20 years. Meetings always have been a challenge - until now!

Where we are

Wilmington, Delaware - USA

orga.zone, Inc.
3422 Old Capitol Trail, #717
Wilmington, DE 19808 - USA
eMail us: info(at)orga.zone

And what we do

It all started with the unstoppable rise of JavaScript in Mobile App development.

After almost 25 years in software development (more than half of it in the eCommerce sector), we decided to go into professional "business web apps" in late 2013. First it was Desktop-Software with Node-Webkit and now we are managing various applications on a larger scale.

Meetingify was born in a project with a Fortune 500 client, who needed to cut the noise in internal meetings and funnel To-Do lists and notes into their backend system.

As a 100% subsidiary of orga.zone AG in Germany, we focus on the North American market and provide service and integration work for our customers in the Americas...

You may learn more on our company website over in the orga.zone, where we provide extensive platform services for business apps.