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The Meetingify Process - Good to know.

Meetingify Meeting App

Meetingify is a meeting app that will transform the way that you organise and execute an effective meeting. This app simplifies the entire meeting process, by working as an easy to use meeting organiser.

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The Meetingify Process

To get started with Meetingify, you need to follow the simple and highly effective process in the chart below:

creating the agenda is simple


Here a simple way for you to go through them.

1. Become a Participant and User
Before you create or attend any meeting, you need to sign up on Meetingify for free meetings. This is simple. Once you are on the site or app, simple follow the button to sign-up. Your other option for attending a meeting is to reply email invitations.

2. Prepare a Meeting using the Meetingify App
If you have signed-up for a free meeting, you now have the option to create your own meeting using this app. To begin with, you need to schedule your meeting and clearly define the meeting details. These details will include the topic that is to be addressed at your meeting, as well as the date and time, and the meetings location.

After you have input this information, you are able to move forward to the next step for meeting preparation which includes creating an agenda and assigning specific presenters to each of the agenda items. Using the agenda setting, it is possible to allocate time and resources to speakers as well as avail information to moderators.

The next step you should take is to publish the meeting, and by doing so you will be able to acquire as well as invite participants and the presenters.

3. Run and Document a Meeting with Meetingify
With the meeting underway, you are able to use the app to modify and adjust the details of the meeting to ensure that everything is up to date. In addition, one can gather and assign to-dos to specific meeting attendees, even while the meeting is still going on.

As the meeting proceeds, you can begin to write down the minutes. You are able to refer to additional notes and files which may have been attached before the meeting when the agenda was being laid out. As the meeting proceeds, you can also add notes and attach files, which can then be accessed after the meeting as well. These could also include photographs taken of the whiteboard.

The app also enables access to the meeting details as well as relevant documentation that needs to be available after the meeting. Finally, for reference purposes, it is possible to print out or produce a PDF of the meeting minutes.