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Meetingify features at a glance

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The overview of meeting features


This app has a variety of easy to navigate features to make it easier for you to create and organize a meeting. Here is a simple guide to help you make use of the features effectively:

Go to Main Menu
This is what you will see once you land on the homepage. There are several options for you to choose from. The first is Meeting List. Selecting this option will show you all the meetings that you are listed to attend. If there are no meetings that have been listed, you can take up the option to create a meeting by clicking on the create new meeting button.

Meeting Details
Once you have chosen to create your meeting, you shall be redirected to a page where you can input the details for your meeting. On this page, you shall see four boxes that are to be filled in. The first requires a topic, and this is where you can fill in your deliverables. The second requires you to specify the date and time of your meeting. The third requires you to input your location, following which an interactive map can pinpoint the exact location. Finally, you need to fill in a box containing information on the nature of your meeting. Here, you can choose from five options, including information, decision, mandatory, sales, and training.

Following the provision of your meeting details, you should select the button titled participants, to input information on the attendees or invitees for the meeting. You will be prompted to enter their names and email addresses, separated by commas. It is also possible to import a list from your Outlook.

This feature helps you outline what all attendees of the meeting are responsible for. You can enter items on the agenda, including the time that they are to be addressed in the meeting. Each item can be assigned to the relevant participant.

With this feature, you have the option of taking down notes during the meeting. You can choose to keep your notes private, or share them with other meeting attendees by choosing to tick the public option.

A participant should be selected, and their assigned to-do entered. Following which, it can be ticked to confirm completion.

Where there are files that need to be shared with the participants in a meeting, the file feature allows for them to be easily uploaded.

Save Draft
As you are in the process of planning and creating your meeting, you may need time to ensure that you have all the materials that you need at hand. This requires you to save a draft, which is possible on the Meetingify app. By doing so, you have a copy of your meeting information, without having to send out an invitation or notification email.

Once you are ready to share all the meeting information that you have input, you can choose to press the publish button. This will save your meeting, and invite or notify all your selected participants through email. In case there is any attached or embedded appointment date (.ics file), this shall be included in the invitation.